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This may be the most under-utilized tool in the accountant’s toolbelt. Used to strategize the end result, planning deliberately gives you a picture of your taxes before you submit them. Planning is typically done around September and can be used to make the most out of year by capturing everything ahead of time so there are NO surprises. Before filing, any wrinkles are ironed out and any changes are noted. We offer this to help relieve the uncertainty of tax-time.

Annual Individual

Your hands are sweaty, you are nervous and anxious sitting with your with your tax preparer. You have no idea what the end result will be. That is no way to feel about filing taxes. Let us make that feeling disappear with a simple trick called planning. Planning sets aside time to analyze your yearly finances. Planning is the fourth wheel that provides the stability, traction and direction when filing time comes around.

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Small Business Solutions

Small Business Planning with bookkeeping is imperative to create a full understanding of your business operations. We will include planning as part of our Small Business Solutions Package.

The foundation has been set and the business is operating. Planning is important as it answers the question, What is NEXT? Planning provides a strategy for future events and timing of business transactions. Whether it is growth or maintenance, planning colors the picture in full detail so that every corner and every angle is used to choose the right path for your business.

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If you have bought or sold investments or especially if you are a business owner, Tax Planning will provide you an estimate of the taxes and a plan to pay before you file. No surprises.

The IRS assesses several penalties and accrues interest on any debt. Underpayment penalty, Failure to pay and Failure to File are just a few.

The easiest way is depending on the amount, file form 9465 for an Installment Agreement.