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We can help you choose the best solutions for your business. We fit taxes, bookkeeping and payroll all together to provide live details about operations to deepen YOUR understanding. Bookkeeping has developed to be less challenging than in the past, but the full benefits from accounting can be felt by working towards a solution. Small business solutions are fully customizable to the industry and goal of the owner(s).

AC Tax Group is one of Delaware’s top accounting and tax firms. We provide tax and accounting solutions for small businesses and individuals in Delaware, including the following areas and their surroundings: Wilmington, New Castle, Greenville, Hockessin, Pike Creek, Bear, Middletown, Townsend, Clayton, Smyrna, Dover, Georgetown, Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach,  and Seaford.


It all starts with bookkeeping. The general journal of day to day operations captured in neat journal entries. If you are missing the books then you are missing a part of your business.  We want to focus on accurate and reliable books to perform for the business.  

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  • We will reduce the problematic translations from book to tax

  • An impression will be taken of your business for a structured time period

  • The accounts will be customized to your business

  • We will fit you with the tools to understand your operations

  • You will come in again knowing your books

Following a monthly close to the books, we will provide financial statements either monthly or quarterly.  By knowing how your business operates, we will have a stronger understanding for your business planning.


The whole year wrapped up into a few forms.  Taxes can take its toll on any business owner. Not to worry with our approach. Your bookkeeping will be in order so we will have a natural flow from your books to taxes.

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  • By having a full understanding of the year, we will be able to file on-time

  • Integrating with us we will make the process easy and seamless


YES, every business regardless of entity type must filing a tax return.

YES, but it needs to be tracked and may have tax implications. A qualified business expense is anything that is ordinary and necessary to you running your business. For more information check out Publication 334.

The cash is reconciled to the Balance Sheet showed as an asset. The income statement does not show your current cash amounts but lists your incomes and expenses.